Exposed Wood Ceiling Beams

October 3, 2014

I’m not sure how I feel about exposed wood ceiling beams. Sometimes I am in awe of them–especially reclaimed wood, and sometimes I cringe when I see them. On one hand, they can enhance the architecture of a space and showcase the variation, texture, and beauty of natural wood. Like these…

horizontal ceiling beams

Better Homes & Gardens

living room ceiling beams

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle

rugged ceiling beams

Santa Rosa Beach Architects & Building Designers Geoff Chick & Associates

On the other hand, they can somehow feel heavy and oppressive to me. The feeling of having dark beams overhead is a bit unnerving. I figured it was just me, since they are such a highly desired feature by many. So, I did some research and discovered that in Feng Shui, ceiling beams are a no-no. According to Karen Kingston, a Feng Shui Consultant,  wood ceiling beams dissect the energy of a space, referred to as “cutting chi”.

Karen says, “Many people are sensitive enough to feel this on the top of their head when walking under beams, especially the sharper type that this house has. But the real problems start when spending extended periods of time immobile under beams, such as sitting on a sofa to watch TV, sitting at a desk to work, standing in a kitchen to cook, or lying in bed to rest or sleep. Daily prolonged exposure of this type can cause health problems in whichever part of the body is directly in line with the cutting chi. Sharp beams are also known to cause irritation, arguments, disorientation and feeling fragmented.” Here is a link to her article on “Why beams are such a feng shui no-no”.

I guess I am one of those “sensitive” individuals Karen refers to in her article. Low, dark ceiling beams & vaulted ceiling beams seem to bother me the most. Like these…

dark ceiling beams

West Mclean Architects & Building Designers Lori Shaffer

Whoa. This would give me nightmares I think.

kitchen ceiling beams

Southern Living Showhouse

So how can one enjoy the best of what wood ceiling beams offer–to define, highlight, & enrich a room–but eliminate that ominous feeling they can present? Lighten them up and or create curves to avoid/reduce the “cutting” effect. Like these…

white vaulted ceiling beams

Southern Living Blog Ahhh, that’s better!

curved ceiling beams

Curves dramatically soften the effect of heavy ceiling beams. West Chester Architects & Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd.

curved ceiling beams

Bellingham Architects & Building Designers Zervas

Simple white ceiling beams. (Pinterest-source unknown.)

Simple white ceiling beams

Rustic curved beams

Rustic curved beams. The Enchanted Home Blog.

Ahh, my “chi” feels better when I imagine myself in these rooms with curved or light ceiling beams.What do you think? Do you think (or feel) that there is a big difference in the way the shape and color of ceiling beams affect the energy in a room? Comment below to share your thoughts!

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Do you visit model homes for the sole purpose of getting decorating ideas? Come on, admit it.  And why not do it? Looking at a brand new model home can give you lots of inspiration and an instant view of what’s trending in home decor and design.  (The on- site salesperson may not be thrilled about it, but just tell them right off the bat what you are doing there. They will appreciate your candor and leave you alone.) Well, today I’ve saved you some gas on the quest of model home decor inspiration. I was inspired to take a few main-areas photos of a new model home I worked in recently, because I really like the gray/gold/cream color theme. It reminds me of Candice Olson’s style. Have you seen Candice on HGTV’s Divine Design? She’s a genius. (Wow, I’m realizing just how long it’s been since my last post. It’s busy season in real estate, so my poor little blog has to take the back seat in the spring/summer.)

Enjoy… :)

Model home decor inspiration

Home Study Decor

Kitchen & Family Room Model Home Decor

Family Room Model Home Decor

Family Room Decor

Kitchen White Cabinets [Continue Reading…]

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A home seller in Tennessee wrote to me asking for some advice on what changes she could make to help sell her house quickly. Job relocation has prompted her and her husband to list their property for sale. Jennifer’s home has been on the market for quite a while with no offers. They have a 16 month old and are expecting their second child soon. Jennifer is a busy mom who needs some quick, effective solutions. The girl needs to sell ya’ll!

The property is a 3 bedroom, 3 bath, 3 car-garage home with 2,619 sf in Sevierville, TN. It is a lovely home with some really nice features. Sitting on the edge of the Smoky mountains, close to Ashville, NC, it has beautiful views and surroundings.  I love this area of our country–one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen. So why, then hasn’t Jennifer’s house sold yet? It is likely due to the fact that the master bedroom is located on the second floor. In many parts of the country, especially in the North, it seems that it is preferred to have the master bedroom upstairs–but in the South–not so much. It’s a privacy thing. We generally don’t want to be on the same floor as our kids after a certain age. But, when you have little ones, it’s ideal.

So how do we overcome this perceived negative feature that can’t be changed? By showing off the awesome-ness of the exterior!  I’m mean–look at all of that space and potential! We do this by tricking it out, and helping buyers see the plethora of things they will be able to do in this yard. Jennifer must counter any negative ideas about the master bedroom location by creating a WOW factor–in this case, by highlighting one of the best selling features of the home–the exterior. Here are some virtual staging ideas to help sell this home…

Here is the BEFORE. Pretty cute as-is, right? Good condition, nice front porch, healthy-looking and ample greenery.

“Wow it up” Suggestions; (1) Paint the porch posts/trim white to make it pop (2) Add shutters on either side of garage window in either charcoal gray or dark brown (3) Plant vibrantly colored annuals (4) Add a bench or two chairs to the porch with colorful accent pillows & varied pots/plants. Since Jennifer already has a bench, these projects will only cost her about $200.

Exterior Staging Makeover BEFORE

Pretty! Just Needs a Little Tweaking…

Exterior Staging Makeover AFTER

Just a few touches to enhance curb appeal

You can see from this BEFORE shot below how great this lot is! Nice deck and lovely surroundings.

“Wow it up” Suggestions: (1) Balance the deck with landscape & a feature (fountain) (2) Add a shade feature & color to deck (3) Create a stone path leading from the bottom of deck stairs into the yard to help expand the outdoor living space (4) Add an outdoor vignette at the end of the stone path to show potential buyers another way to enjoy the backyard. Don’t leave it to their imaginations. If all of these items needed to be purchased, it would cost about $2K. But about half of that are items that she can take with her when she moves. So really, it’s a $1K landscape investment in the property. Small investment when you consider how much they are paying each month to remain in a house that keeps them living apart.

Exterior Staging Makeover BEFORE

Awesome Lot! But Lacks a “Wow Factor”.

Exterior Virtual Staging Makeover

Potential buyers love outdoor living spaces. If you’ve got it, show it off!

Deck staging makeover BEFORE

The deck is really nice as-is. Adding a shade feature and a few accessories is all that is needed.

Deck Virtual Staging Makeover

All that is needed here is a little ambiance!

Jennifer has already made many of these changes. You can see her progress HERE.

 Do you need some virtual staging suggestions? Visit my critique boutique page.

 For more home staging ideas, please see my post Using Buyer Psychology to Stage a Home

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Colorful Artsy & Eclectic Decor

April 27, 2014

Time for a spring/summer refresher to liven up the place a bit. I normally don’t gravitate toward bright primary colors, but I have to say I am digging rooms I see with  lots of colorful accents. I see a pattern in which rooms are floating my boat– they all have an artsy, bohemian, eclectic, & […]

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